Top 10 Best Exfoliating Body Scrubs for Beautiful & Luxurious Skin


exfoliating body scrubs

Rejuvenate your skin with these fabulous exfoliating body scrubs

There is nothing like the thought of baring your skin to the summer sun to make you head for the nearest spa to make your skin look shimmeringly beautiful.

Well, instead of spending up big on expensive spa treatments (although there is definitely something to be said for luxuriating in a spa for the day!), why not rejuvenate your skin at home with one of these fabulous 10 exfoliating body scrubs that are inexpensive and make your skin feel like heaven?


1. Arabica Coffee Scrub by Premium Nature 

Exfoliating Coffee Body Scrub by Premium NatureThese 100% natural exfoliating body scrubs contain Arabica coffee, which is a natural ingredient used in the fight against cellulite.

Not only will your skin feel smoother after using this fabulous exfoliating scrub, but the antioxidant properties in this body scrub help to remove all your dead skin cells, revealing the beautiful, healthy skin underneath.

With all natural ingredients, including Butter, Olive oil, Almond Oil, Dead Sea Salt and Grapeseed Oil, fine lines and even dark spots are banished, your skin is hydrated and moisturized and left looking radiant and glowing.


I’m not one to promote products, but if you get an opportunity to try this, it is the most amazing scrub I’ve ever used.

I’ve only used the product once so far, but it helped clear up my acne and eczema pretty much overnight.

Have been using this product for a few days so far and my skin is so smooth!

I bought this for myself and now my teenage girls are using it.


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2. Coconut Milk & Honey Comb Exfoliating Body Scrubs by Body Essentials

Body Essentials Coconut Milk & Honey Comb Body Scrub with Dead Sea SaltWith all natural ingredients and dead sea salt infused with rich coconut milk and honey, this natural exfoliant gently buffs away all of your dead skin cells to reveal the radiant new skin, hiding underneath.

Without any fillers in this luscious body scrub, your skin is left feeling silky smooth and beautiful, not greasy and oily as with some other body scrubs. The Coconut milk helps to nourish your skin and vitamins A, B and E assist with cellular healing and renewal.

The Body Essentials range of exfoliating body scrubs includes a Cayenne Pepper body scrub, Himalayan Pink Salt and a Brazilian SuperBerry scrub. These luscious body scrubs will keep your skin looking absolutely fabulous all year long.


Love this stuff! Smells really good and leaves my skin soft.

Love it, it is the best thing in the world. If you are hesitating to get it – don’t it’s amazing.

Nice smell and does a good job of exfoliating without irritating your skin.

Felt like a GODDESS after the first use.


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3. Himalayan Salt & Sweet Almond Pink Scrub by Pure Body Naturals

Himalayan Salt Exfoliating Body Scrub by Pure Body NaturalsThis beautiful Himalayan Salt Exfoliating Body Scrub is packed with all of the goodness of Himalayan Salt (calcium, magnesium, copper and iron), which is delivered to your skin using ionic absorption.

With Sweet Almonds and Lychees, the texture, tone and appearance of your skin is improved, and your skin looks more radiant and healthier than ever before.

We all deserve skin that feels soft and velvety and once the Himalayan Salts have done their work exfoliating and nourishing your skin, you will be ready for the beach in no time at all!


Never tried the salt scrubs before and I like this one a lot. It does leave your skin silky and smooth.

Makes your skin super soft afterwards. My skin looks a lot better and less flaky and dry.

I really like the way my skin feels after using it.

The scrub dissolves as you use it, which is delightful – no leftover rough crystals.


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4. Coconut Milk Body Scrub by Aria Starr Beauty

Aria Starr Coconut Milk Exfoliating Body ScrubsThis exfoliating body scrub by Aria Starr Beauty is 100% natural and contains sweet coconut milk, sea salt, almond oil, safflower oil, grapeseed oil, apricot kernel oil, avocado oil, dead sea salt and vitamin E.

A Coconut Milk scrub is the best way to finish your spa session, exfoliating and removing all of your dead skin cells, leaving your skin glowing and radiant.

All of these fabulous ingredients make sure that your skin feels gloriously soft and is nourished, hydrated, brighter and smoother, just perfect for the warmer weather.

This body scrub is made in the USA at an FDA registered facility.


The product smells great, and makes your arms so smooth!

I love this body scrub. It makes your skin sooooo soft. I’m obsessed with it.

Wonderful product! Leaves skin so moisturized, and exfoliates too.

This stuff is wonderful!! Smells great and leaves my skin smooth.


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5. Activated Charcoal Face and Body Scrub by Brooklyn Botany

Activated Charcoal Face and Body Scrub by Brooklyn BotanyA Best Seller on Amazon, these exfoliating body scrubs contains 100% natural and active charcoal for deep cleaning and exfoliation of your skin.

This specially formulated scrub not only uses dead sea salts to remove debris from your skin, but the activated charcoal helps to expel excess oil and impurities from your skin.

Activated charcoal helps to brighten your skin and to eliminate itchiness and body odor, and as it draws out the toxins from your skin, the appearance of cellulite can be improved.

Blackheads are removed, pores are minimized, and your skin is detoxified, exfoliated and nourished.


First time I have had a facial scrub where my skin looked healthier and not red and irritated.

I LOVE THIS PRODUCT!!! Great at removing dead skin and leaving your face glowing and smooth.

I absolutely loved this product from the very first time I used it. My skin felt so soft and smooth after the first use.

Feels great and really helps with exfoliating, I use it after the gym and my skin feels amazing.


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6. 100% Pure Dead Sea Salt Body Scrub with Jasmine by Asutra

Pure Dead Sea Salt Body Scrub with Jasmine by AsutraWith Sweet Almonds, Aloe Vera, Frankincense Essential Oil, Jojoba and Argan Oils, as well as 100% Pure Dead Sea Salt, these exfoliating body scrubs detoxify, hydrate and moisturize your skin leaving it feeling soft, smooth and beautiful.

Dead sea salt is a natural exfoliator and skin polisher removing all of the old skin cells and other debris that clogs your pores and makes your skin look grey, dull and tired.

Blocked pores, blackheads, in-grown hairs and blemishes are all whisked away and with no additives or chemicals in these exfoliating body scrubs, you can say goodbye to dry, flaky skin. There are nine different exfoliating body scrubs in this range from Cooling Cucumber to Revitalizing Coconut and Sensual Rose, so you will always find one that suits your mood.

Love how soft my skin felt after I used this product!

Great scrub, smells absolutely wonderful.

OMG! This is so incredibly delicious!

I got this to exfoliate before my vacation and to help moisturize my skin afterwards and it is wonderful.

Really liked this scrub. It wasn’t to harsh and my skin felt great after.

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7. Coconut Milk Scrub by Premium Nature

Coconut Milk Exfoliating Body Scrub by Premium NatureWith Coconut Milk, Olive oil, Almond Oil, Sea Salt, Grapeseed Oil, Vitamin E and Avocado Oil, these exfoliating body scrubs are packed with antioxidants that help to revitalize and exfoliate your skin, leaving it feeling super soft and wonderfully clean and hydrated.

Even fine line and dark spots are improved, and with all of these antioxidants fighting the ravages of free radical damage caused by air pollution and UV light, this fabulous body scrub can help to prevent your skin aging prematurely.

The Coconut Milk and Dead Sea Salt also assists in combating breakouts and mild acne, removing all of the debris from clogging your pores, and giving you a healthier, cleaner and more radiant appearance. For cleaner, fresher all-over skin, these exfoliating body scrubs are amazingly fabulous and easily affordable.


Very glad that I purchased this scrub! Works very well.

This stuff is FANTASTIC!! I love the smell and the incredible softness of my skin afterward.

All natural and it does what it says it will do…I’m hooked.

I love this product! This scrub leaves your skin so soft, moisturized and shiny.

I love the scrub, it smells great, a little goes a long way.


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8. Avocado Body Scrub by Brooklyn Botany

Avocado Body Scrub by Brooklyn BotanyThese luscious brightening and anti-aging exfoliating body scrubs by Brooklyn Beauty contains Dead Sea Salts and a special blend of nourishing oils and organic ingredients to gently exfoliate, clean and nourish your skin.

The Avocado Oil actually boosts the production of collagen in your skin, as well as softening and hydrating your skin, leaving it feeling beautifully clean, fresh and fabulous.

With Vitamin C, Organic Aloe Vera, Organic Coconut, Kukui Nut and Jojoba Oils, your skin is brightened and rejuvenated, feeling and looking healthy, renewed, and youthful.

Add in the Organic Aloe Vera, with its myriad anti-aging properties, and the plumping goodness of Avocado Oil, and you have a rich, youth boosting formula on your hands.
This Body Scrub is made in the USA in an FDA certified facility and is Paraben and Cruelty Free.


I used on my legs and feet, as I have extremely dry itchy skin, and they feel great now. LOVE IT!

Left my skin feeling very soft, smooth, and moisturized but not greasy.

Love this scrub. It has a slight scent, not too over powering.


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9. Brown Sugar Anti-Cellulite Scrub by Majestic Pure

Majestic Pure Brown Sugar ScrubThe Majestic Pure Brown Sugar Body Scrub is 100% pure and natural with powerful nourishing ingredients, such as Dead Sea Salts, Sweet Almond Oil, Apricot Kernel Oil, Jojoba Oil and Evening Primrose Oil.

Containing real brown sugar crystals and natural humectants, this body scrub prevents moisture loss while gently buffing away dry skin cells. This natural exfoliator and powerful sugar scrub is ideal for reducing cellulite and improving stretch marks, acne, and varicose veins.

Your skin is hydrated, while at the same time debris is exfoliated from your blocked pores, cellular turnover is increased and acne is minimized. Useful for brightening and smoothing your skin, leaving it feeling soft, clean and smooth.


My skin felt so smooth and after using it two times I can feel a difference!

Makes your skin super silky and soft!

Good scrub! Love the ingredients.

So glad I brought this majestic brown sugar rub, it left my skin soft as ever.


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10. Green Tea Exfoliating Body Scrubs by Body Essentials

Body Essentials Green Tea ScrubThese exfoliating body scrubs contain a potent Japanese Green Tea loaded with ultra healthy with bio-active compounds like polyphenols and antioxidants that deeply exfoliate your skin, flushing out toxins, while rejuvenating and firming your skin for a more youthful complexion.

With Dead Sea Salts, Jojoba Oil, Vitamins E, C and A, this powerful scrub is formulated to not only exfoliate your skin and remove all of the debris that has clogged your pores, but also to fight the signs of aging as well.

Green Tea is a strong antioxidant that helps to reduce sagging skin, excessive sun damage, fine lines, wrinkles and age spots, leaving your skin looking refreshed, smooth and bright.

Your skin deserves to be nourished, clean and protected, and with the Green Tea Exfoliating Body Scrubs from Body Essentials, your skin will be velvety smooth and looking fabulous very quickly.


Keeps my skin soft and exfoliates well.

Love the scent and how soft my skin feels!

This stuff has my face feeling super smooth after I use it.

Love this stuff. My skin feels so much softer and healthier after just a few uses.


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