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Glycolic Acid Peel Reviews

Thank you for reading my glycolic acid peel reviews and I hope that they have helped you to decide on which glycolic acid products are best for your skin and situation.

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What are glycolic acid peels?

OZ Naturals 50 glycolic acid peelGlycolic acid peels are chemical peels that contain glycolic acid, a natural and very effective exfoliant. Glycolic acid helps to remove the old, dead cells from the top layer of your skin, leaving your complexion looking fresh, healthy and clean.

Chemical peels that contain glycolic acid are fabulous for people with tired, dull looking skin, as well as for people who suffer from blocked and clogged pres, lots of blackheads and also acne.

Removing the old dead skin cells, clears out your pores, removing the blackheads and debris that clogs up your pores, leaving your skin fresher and more radiant.

Another benefit of using glycolic acid peels is that exfoliating your skin not only unclogs your pores, but as it removes all of the dead skin cells, it also removes the barrier which prevents your other beauty products penetrating your skin. 

If skin care products cannot penetrate your skin, then you don’t receive the full benefits from them and dead skin cells and debris act as an impenetrable barrier. So once this is removed, your other skin care products can work effectively, because they can now be more easily absorbed into your clean skin.

Including an exfoliant into your beauty routine is a super way to re-energize and rejuvenate your complexion.

Chose from facial scrubs, which are extremely gentle on your skin, glycolic acid peels or micro-dermabrasion products.

Many people use a combination of all of these exfoliators, because they all have different benefits. Whichever facial peel you choose, when you follow the instructions correctly, your skin will look so much fresher, cleaner and healthier than ever before 🙂