3 Great Reasons You Need a Skin Exfoliating Scrub this Autumn


Best skin exfoliating scrub

Can a skin exfoliating scrub help rejuvenate your complexion in Autumn?

A good quality and gentle skin exfoliating scrub is the perfect foil for your skin, after being exposed to the high humidity and blistering heat of a long summer.

So as the summer slowly wanes and we start to look forward to the fresh and crisp temperatures of autumn, the air starts to become drier, less humid and cooler. It is this lack of humidity and dryness in the air that can start to cause problems with your skin, because the air starts to take the moisture out of your skin.

So let’s take a look at 3 fabulous reasons why exfoliating your skin this autumn is going to rejuvenate your complexion and set you up for the cold winter months.


Summer pores are big and dirty!

skin exfoliating scrubs in autumnThe heat  and sun both work together to sabotage your beautiful pores, because in the hot summer months your skin’s pores get bigger and they easily fill up with lots of dead skin cells and other debris.

Too much exposure to the sun over the summer months can also lead to a loss of elastin and collagen in your skin. This is because the sun’s rays penetrate quite deeply into your dermal cells, breaking down these essential components (this is one reason why people who spend a lot of time in the sun can have wrinkly, leathery skin).

Not forgetting your wonderful tan, which you spent ages honing on the beach, which if you are lucky will simply fade away evenly and not leave you with a blotchy hyper-pigmented complexion for Thanksgiving!

All of this is a disaster for our skin! Many of us start the summer with beautiful clear skin and end it with blocked pores, blackheads and blotchy patches of pigmentation. So what can we do to remedy this horrible situation?

Well using a skin exfoliating scrub is a really great start to rejuvenating your skin, for the following 3 super reasons.

1. A skin exfoliating scrub reduces your summer hyper-pigmentation

Skin exfoliation reduces hyperpigmentationOne of the best ways to reduce all of the blotchy hyper-pigmentation on your skin is to lighten and brighten your skin with a glycolic acid exfoliator. You can use a gentle facial scrub or a chemical peel, but be careful when using a chemical peel, just in case your skin has not healed from all of the summer sun.

If your skin is heavily sun damaged, a gentle facial scrub might not be enough to brighten your skin and you might even need a stronger chemical peel than should be used at home. In this case,  it might pay you to visit a dermatologist who can offer you a series of chemical peels and microdermabrasion to really rejuvenate your sun damaged skin.

For the rest of us, who just suffer some blotchy hyper-pigmentation on our face from sun baking all summer, then a facial scrub combined with a gentle chemical peel might be enough to smooth out the texture and tone of our complexion.

Foxbrim Exfoliating Face ScrubIf you have sun spots and blotchy pigmentation you want a facial scrub that is packed full of antioxidants, so check out my review of the Foxbrim Face Scrub packed with Green Tea, White Tea and Kukui Nut Oil.

This skin exfoliating scrub will help to reverse the damage caused to your skin from the sun, stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, and adds extra hydration to dry skin, as well as removing all of the dirt and debris from your pores.


2. A skin exfoliating scrub unblocks your pores and adds moisture

All of the heat and humidity of summer enlarges your pores and makes it so much easier for them to become blocked with dead skin cells and debris. This makes your skin look dull and tired and then it looks even worse when the blackheads and little bumps under the skin appear.

Blocked pores are easily fixed with a good facial scrub or chemical peel, removing all of that debris and revealing the beautiful, clean and healthy skin underneath.  After all, a facial scrub is a very affordable addition to your beauty routine and if it can make such a big difference to the look and feel of your skin, it is worth every cent!

MaryRoth Organics Skin Exfoliating ScrubYou just can’t go wrong with a gentle skin exfoliation, and remember that depending on the other ingredients in your scrub, some of them really add lots of extra moisture to your skin as well.

A good moisturizing and skin exfoliating scrub is by MaryRoth Organics, which has lots of wonderful ingredients that help to hydrate your skin.


3. A skin exfoliating scrub makes your skin care products work better

We spend so much money buying skin care products and some of them just don’t live up to the hype. Do you ever wonder why? Well, one reason can be that your pores are so blocked with debris and your skin is covered in an impenetrable layer of dead skin cells!

Even the best skin care products can dig through all of that debris! So one of the fabulous effects of using a skin exfoliating scrub, chemical peel or microdermabrasion is that once your skin is free of all of this debris, your other skin care products work much better.

So if you have a luxurious moisturizer that doesn’t seem to work very well, try it after you have exfoliated your skin a few times and you might be surprised at how well it works now.

FYI: Even though we sweat a lot in the summer months, during autumn and winter our skin naturally becomes drier, as there is less moisture in the air. At this point, many of us change the moisturizer we use, opting for a thicker moisturizer that better penetrates our skin.

Lavo face exfoliatorWith a good exfoliation however, you might find that your light, summer moisturizer still works well during the cooler months.

This is because your summer moisturizer can now penetrate your skin more easily  and doesn’t simply sit on top of a layer of debris and dead skin cells.

Check out the Lavo Microdermabrasion Facial Cream, as it contains lots of wonderful ingredients to clean, refresh and hydrate your skin this autumn.



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