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 Glycolic Acid Peel Reviews – compare each of the chemical peels below

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Chemical PeelGlycolic Acid %ParabensPropylene GlycolAntioxidantRead Review
Joyal Beauty Ultimate
Joyal Beauty Glycolic Acid Peel
1.5NoNoYesRead Review
Face Moisturizer by Toulon
Toulon glycolic acid moisturizer 10
10.0NoNoYesRead Review
InstaNatural Glycolic Acid Cream
InstaNatural glycolic acid cream
10.0NoNoYesRead Review
OZ Naturals Face Peel
OZ Naturals 50 glycolic acid peel
50.0NoNoNoRead Review
Paula's Choice Gel Exfoliant

Paulas Choice 8 AHA Gel Exfoliant
8.0YesYesYesRead Review
Magic Pads
Magic Pads - glycolic acid pads
2.0NoNoYesRead Review
Reviva Labs Face Cream
Reviva Labs 10 percent glycolic acid cream
10.0NoNoYesRead Review
Perfect Image Peel
Perfect Image Glycolic Acid Peel 30
30.0NoYesYesRead Review
Bona Fide Skin Care
Bone Fide Skin Care
7.5NoNoNoRead Review
Aqua Glycolic Face Cream
Aqua Glycolic face cream
10.0YesYesNoRead Review
Serious Skin Care Face Cream

Serious Skin Care Glycolic Acid Face Cream
9.8NoYesNoRead Review
AHA Enhanced Creme

Alpha Hydrox AHA Enhanced Creme
10.0NoYesNoRead Review
Perfect Image Peel
50.0NoYesYesRead Review


Are you looking for the best chemical peel reviews?

Here you will find a comparison table for chemical peels, which contain anything from 2% right up to 70% glycolic acid.

The chemical peels that contain 10% or less glycolic acid are very gentle chemical exfoliators, so you can usually use them fairly frequently (be sure to read the instructions first though).

Chemical peels with more than 10% glycolic acid, become progressively stronger as the percentage of glycolic acid increases. So it pays to be very careful with these and adhere to the instructions that come with the chemical peel (you can also check with your medical practitioner to make sure the peel is suitable for your skin).

So check out my table of the best facial peels (above), decide which of the glycolic acid peels is best for your skin, then read my reviews for more information.

I will keep adding to these glycolic acid product reviews, so you will always have the most up-to-date information.


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